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How and where can I sell old books?

What books are hard to sell
Sooner or later, many people have a question: where to put the old books? We will not consider the option of throwing it out. First, it’s a pity. Second, why throw it away if you can sell it? This, of course, will require some effort and time. But as a result, you will get rid of unnecessary books, free up space in the apartment and earn a little money. If you are not interested in money, but just need somewhere to attach the many unnecessary books that have filled the living space, you can give them to small libraries, for example, prison, district or give them to a nursing Home. We will look at the option of selling books in more detail. So, where can I sell my old books?

How and where to sell old books over the Internet?
There are several sites that specialize in selling books. It is easy to find them, enter “old books to sell” in the search engine and choose a site that suits You.

You will have to pay for placing ads on these sites. In some cases, you pay for a certain period of time at once, while others take a percentage of the sale.

It is possible to find a buyer in this way, but you should not expect a quick result if You are not a happy owner of rare publications.

You can place ads not only on specialized sites, but also on sites with free ads. Although the chances of finding a buyer will be less.

Children’s books can be sold in parent groups in social networks.

Some tips
Many of those who have sold books on the Internet advise you to make sure to take a photo, description (year of publication, number of pages), specify the disadvantages, size.
It is unrealistic to sell Soviet publications issued in the 70-80 years. Almost every family has such books. If you pay attention to ad views, it becomes clear that they are almost not interested in them.
Check for updates. Specialized literature (accounting or computer technology) quickly becomes outdated.
You can not only place ads, but also view the category “buy”. Perhaps someone is looking for exactly the kind of books You sell.
Don’t expect a quick result. Selling books quickly over the Internet is unlikely. But if You are not in a hurry – then this option will work.
Used bookstore
There are such stores that buy up old books in all major cities. They may refuse to accept books for which there is no demand. In some stores, books are accepted by weight at a low price.

Usually the salesman sorts the books. Some do not accept, and the rest are divided into several groups and announce the price for each. Before you take books to the store, you should call and find out the terms.

The buyer is a bookstore owner-a private trader. He comes to the house. Examines the books and names the price. Most buyers take any books in normal condition. Books are taken and paid for immediately. This is a good option, but elderly and single people should be careful. After all, You are letting a stranger into your home.

Book market
Many cities have markets or places that sell used books. Make a list of publications that you want to sell, go to the sellers. They will immediately tell you what books they will buy, and at what price.

What books sell well
Children’s literature, if inexpensive and in good condition.
Books released recently, but cheaper than in stores.
Foreign edition.
Books signed by the writer.
What books are hard to sell
Soviet publications that were issued in large numbers.
Old textbook.
Dictionaries published during the Soviet era.
Now you know how to sell books from your home library. Do you know any other places where you can sell old books? Share your experience with our readers.

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