John Irving " a Prayer for Owen Meany»
Every sphere of human activity is imbued with a religious component, especially its direct reflection — literature. Probably, the image of Christ is more often found in books. How could…

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How and where can I sell old books?
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5 centimeters per second

Some poets say that poems can’t be read aloud, that you can only say them to yourself, with your inner voice. This is a very sound idea, but… personally, for me, acquaintance with many poems began with the voice and intonation of a stranger. Of course, most of the audio poetry was drawn from songs: both well-known romances and compositions not very familiar to the General public. But I’ll write about the songs some other time. Today we will focus on the art of reading.

To my deep regret, modern radio, film, and television do not favor poetry very much. It was in the 60s that Khutsiev filmed “Zastava Ilyich”, where about half an hour in the frame there were poems and not just any of them, but the best poets of the country in their own performance. It’s a stupid thing to dream about right now… Poetry has not been on the rise for a long time, and it may seem that today poems are replaced by other, more popular Hobbies. Yes, but this does not mean that there is no poetry at all. Fiction reading is alive, but thrives mainly on the Internet on personal pages, only occasionally slipping into a more familiar channel.

Attention! The following selection does not claim to be a complete overview of audio poetry, but rather a few recommendations that allow you to get acquainted with new names for yourself.

Veniamin Smekhov

The Kultura channel from time to time pleases poetry lovers with good projects, such as Veniamin Smekhov’s poetry evenings. Here you should carefully view the TV program or website of the channel, because not all worthy programs receive appropriate advertising support on the air. Much, but not all, can be found later on Rutracker or various video hosting services.

Radio classic (100.9 FM) probably gives more air to poetry than all other radio stations combined. Poems are played here almost every five minutes. And not just, but in a great performance by Igor Ilyin. Thanks to the website of radio classic, you can listen to poetry non-stop, without interruptions to music and advertising. Igor Ilyin’s repertoire is very wide – from Baratynsky and Donne to Blake and Brodsky, the total number of poems is so large that it is not an easy task to hear one of them twice.

sergey esenin

What is the richness of the Internet? Talents not so well-known and accessible, but no less pleasing to the ear.

First and foremost I want to note Alexander Tlisheva reading most of the poems of Sergei Yesenin. To convey the atmosphere of poetry Esenina better Tlisheva could not even Sergei Bezrukov in the TV series “Yesenin”. By the way, Bezrukov after the release of the series appeared a solo disc entirely dedicated to the poetry of Yesenin, it is called “Hooligan”. Poems in the reading of Alexander Zlishchev are most fully presented on the site Vkontakte. “This sadness will not be scattered now…”

For quite a long time in the network there is a great literary project of max Tolstokorov and Slava Shvets (Auxent feat. Santagloria) based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky. “Out of time”. Amazing, atmospheric and charming.

Pavel Morozov is another talented performer. His repertoire is less extensive than that of Igor Ilyin. But the reading is much more pathetic, plus or minus everyone will decide for themselves

Oleg Dal

In the final of the first selection, a beautiful legacy of the last century. Solo performance ” Alone with you, brother…”based on the works of Lermontov performed by Oleg dal. It is worth just listening to, it is worth just breathing. It is incredibly difficult to break away, because, as it turned out, no one understood Oleg dal Lermontov better.

I didn’t say a word about audio books that are so popular today. And I won’t, because I haven’t come across anything significant yet.

“Not a sound at parting…”

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