José Saramago's "death with Interruptions»
Resounding success and public recognition can play a cruel joke on a person. By nature, we are very vulnerable creatures, susceptible to external pleasant stimuli, emotionally unstable, so any significant…

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The place of women in literature (part 1)
Why do we know so few women writers and why will this change in the twenty first century Women's text in literature for a very long time remained an unexplored…

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Starting to talk about Sergei Dovlatov, it is difficult to resist the temptation to Preface the speech with a particularly witty quote from his works. I will not do this…

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What is the use of reading and why read a lot?

The availability of books
We used to call ourselves a reading nation. Unfortunately, surveys show that this is far from the case. Over the past 10 years, the population of our country has begun to read much less, and the quality of the literature read leaves much to be desired. Today we have the opportunity to find a lot of interesting works on the Internet, read books online for free and without registration, but we read less and less. So what is the use of reading?

Increase your vocabulary
If a person doesn’t read enough, their vocabulary is limited. This fact is confirmed by research. People who read a lot can Express their thoughts much better, their vocabulary is much larger and more diverse.

Writing words, phrases, and using literary techniques-all this is remembered when reading. A person who reads a lot can easily Express their thoughts in writing. And Vice versa, if you don’t read enough, the need to write a text will become torture.

Learn something new
Reading allows you to learn new information in various fields-from cooking to technical innovations.

Concentration of attention
Every day more and more people are faced with such a problem as the syndrome of absent attention. Reading requires concentration and focus.

Source of inspiration
Reading is a source for new ideas and achievements. Many successful people have started the path to success after reading books, and reading them can be a turning point for You.

Great writers and poets in their works describe feelings and experiences that we may not have yet encountered. We sympathize with the heroes, worry, grieve, and rejoice. There is empathy, which we then feel for real people.

Expanding your horizons
There are many interesting places in the world, but not all of them can be visited. But you can read it. Books introduce us to events and interesting facts. We can learn about the lives of great people who have left their mark on history. Each book we read expands our horizons in different areas.

Problems in the family? Did you have a bad relationship with your employees? Do you need information about plants or animals? Do you want to know more about the countries you plan to go to? These and many other questions can always be answered in books.

Good mood
People who read a lot have lower stress levels than non-readers. A great way to escape from everyday worries is an evening spent with a book by a favorite author. To do this, it is better to read something light that will help you forget about problems and raise your mood.

The ability to maintain a conversation, discuss various topics, and insert quotes – all this characterizes you as an erudite interlocutor. This is especially important when meeting new people.

The availability of books
Reading is entertainment. And affordable. Online libraries provide a wide selection of diverse literature for free or at low prices. And what good did reading do You? What else can I add to this list?

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