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Basic information

Children’s books for free? Yes, absolutely. In this article, I will tell you how to order children’s books for yourself without spending a single ruble. You heard right. There is such a miracle on the Internet. And no supposed mousetraps. Judge…

Free children’s books – 5

Basic theses, before further explanation:
1) there is no need to pay for the following children’s books.Not now, not ever again.
2) the specified offer has no relation to the site of Askbook of literature. However, everything has been tested on personal experience. More than once.
3) Books come by mail. You will need to go to your post office for them, or they will be delivered directly to your mailbox. In rare cases, the parcel is delivered to your home by a courier.
4) the sender always pays for the delivery, i.e. not you.
5) No one is deceiving anyone. Neither you nor you. Children’s books are really free.
6) Religion, sects and other “fraternities” are not affected by the publication. The text of the article contains illustrations to make sure of this.
7) to order children’s books, you only need about 5-10 minutes of free time on the Internet.

In theory…

So, who gives away free children’s books? And why? In General, as practice shows, a lot of people. These are mainly social services or ministries. Unfortunately, not domestic. But… this is a double-edged sword. And here’s why: what’s important in children’s books? Images and illustrations. And images don’t have a language barrier. The text (for example, about the water cycle in nature) is written, as it is not difficult to guess, in simple and accessible children’s language, which perfectly helps in learning foreign speech not only for a child, but also for an adult beginning linguistic experiments. Of course, this is optional. No one forces anyone to learn the language, the publications are for children… If these are comic books, then the illustrations generally brighten up the differences in perception to a minimum.

Children’s books for free – 6

Why would someone send books to other countries and pay tens of euros just for delivery? It is difficult to find any explanation other than advertising and social order. Someone, for example, fights for nature and in this form tells the younger generation about the necessary canons of caring for the world around them. Children are not interested in printed leaflets. And adults, too.

With the introductory part, perhaps, everything. Now down to business. In the next paragraph, you can see a step – by-step guide to ordering free children’s books on the example of one of the German sites, namely, the site for environmental protection. In all other cases, the algorithms are similar or identical.

Please note: at the end of the article is attached a list of verified (at the beginning of 2013) portals where you can order children’s books.

Step-by-step guide to ordering free children’s books

Free children’s books-1
1) Go to the website of the German environment Agency.
(remove the underscore and copy the link to the browser window, press enter)
2) Go to the publications section.
Free children’s books – 2
3) Next to the section for children and teenagers (Fur Kinder und Jugendliche). The site is not navigating properly, so you need to double-click on the link.
Free children’s books – 3
4) here are the books. Items that have a cart icon next to them and the words “Publikation bestellen” are available for ordering. Please note: something periodically ends, and something on the contrary appears.
5) Select a book and click on “Publikation bestellen”.
Free children’s books – 4
6) Specify the quantity and click the button on the right.
7) Next, if desired, go back to the list of books and loop items 5 and 6.
Free children’s books – 5
8) If you suddenly took something extra, use the button at the bottom of the product.
9) so, your order is ready. Let’s go to confirmation. To do this, click “Adresse eingeben”.
Free children’s books-6
10) you will be given the order number (it is generally not necessary) and will be informed that your personal data will not be transferred to third parties. Enter your full name, address, and email address in the fields below. You need to fill in all the fields except “Firma/Institut”, this is optional. PLZ is the index, Ort is the city. Enter the number of the house and apartment separated by a hyphen or space along with the street in the third field.
Free children’s books – 7
11) if everything is correct, click the second button from the bottom. If you forgot something or want to change the quantity, then the lower one.
12) Then you will be thanked for the order and even offered to print the invoice. It’s no good.

That’s it, you don’t need to click anything else, you’ve completed your task. Now wait for the parcel, check your mailbox periodically.

Please note: ordered books are not always sent in the same box and not always at the same time, so it is likely that your order is divided into 2 or 3 shipments. This is normal.

What is the result?

The result, as expected, is a parcel with children’s books, for which you do not pay anything. Once again, you don’t pay for books, delivery, packaging, forwarding, or any other mail service.

Free children’s books-package
But what will be inside:
Free children’s book – making from the inside out Free children’s books Free children’s books – 2 Free children’s books – 3 Free children’s books – 4 Free books for children – 8

Answers to frequently asked questions

The site is in German (English, French, or another foreign language), how do I navigate it?
Very simply. A Google translator will help you. Copy the link to the desired site in the left window. In the upper – left menu, select “define language”, and in the right – “Russian”. And click on the “translate” button. Then you will be able to navigate the site using the Russian translation of Google. It is not always correct and sometimes even confusing, rather than helping. In this case, the best solution is to open two Windows in the browser: with the translation and without it.

Do I need to specify my real address and full name in the order? Isn’t it dangerous?
How can it be dangerous? It’s not a credit card number or a copy of your passport. In addition, all self-respecting sites adhere to the privacy policy. The address must be correct, because the books come by mail. The correct full name will also be required if you have to go to the post office for the order. Books written out in someone else’s name will not be given to you.

How long to wait for your order? Can it not be sent?
You have to wait about 2-4 weeks. Sometimes orders arrive faster. It happens that the lucky ones receive their parcels as early as the third day. You can only refuse to send books if they are not available, which is usually displayed on the site (i.e. they can’t actually be added to the cart).

Our wonderful mail, what’s wrong with it? Can something be taken out, crushed, or unpacked?
Yes. In principle, they can do anything. A lot of bad things are told about our mail on the Internet: photos of torn parcels, shortages… However, books in terms of theft, few people need and it is difficult to get them out of the shipment without cardinal unpacking. Another thing is if you order more than just books. More on this later.

Free children’s books – 7

Can I order something other than children’s books?
Yes. The range is small, but there is a choice and each site has its own. Immediately omit any serious brochures and leaflets. If you really want to get acquainted with them, almost everywhere this content is duplicated in pdf format. What interesting things can be ordered together (or even instead of) children’s books? Posters (children’s and not so much), icons, coloring books, postcards, calendars, bookmarks, lesson schedules, games, children’s cards, DVDs… And not only. As the saying goes, those who search will always find something new.

What language should I write my address and full name in? Can I speak Russian?
Russian Russian is not necessary, because foreign senders and postal services do not always know Russian. It is best to write in English, which is understood by both foreign representatives and employees of our post office. Use a translit.

On what sites it is possible to order the free children’s books?
Here is a small list that I personally checked (relevant for the beginning of 2013):
As a reminder, you need to copy the link without an underscore in the browser window and press enter.

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Basic information Children's books for free? Yes, absolutely. In this article, I will tell you how to order children's books for yourself without spending a single ruble. You heard right.…


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