Best film adaptations of modern and classical literature (part 1)
"Read this book, absolutely!"- advised me a friend at a literary forum, to which I, hearing a familiar name, replied with an invitation to view the film adaptation of the…

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Best film adaptations of modern and classical literature (part 1)

“Read this book, absolutely!”- advised me a friend at a literary forum, to which I, hearing a familiar name, replied with an invitation to view the film adaptation of the same name, one of the best films about the youth of the Soviet era. The exchange took place, and just a day later my friend got acquainted with the film, after which he expressed in this spirit that the film is not bad, but the book will be deeper. This little episode would have escaped my attention if I hadn’t recently finished reading the book and my verdict hadn’t been exactly the opposite. But it is the same…

What is the reason for the different ratings? Probably, in the primary source of information, in the root cause of the received emotions. Who knows, a friend’s opinion would not have changed if he had watched the movie before the book. Or mine-if I read the book first. But what can be deduced from this – both the film and the book are excellent, which smoothly leads us to the topic of the upcoming review: films based on books that do not cause nausea, and it is very possible that even Leonardo DiCaprio did not star in them.

No one has watched all the movies, no one has read all the books, no mouse has tasted all the pieces of cheese. Therefore, the volume and completeness of the picture is entirely the problem of the Indians. I will just tell you about six good film adaptations: three of our own, three foreign. And they are not films “based on” or anything like that, so Andrei Tarkovsky, alas, will only be mentioned in this sentence (sorry, “Solaris”, but you are too far away from LEM). Now let’s get started!

“The meeting place cannot be changed»
Unexpected for a start? But please: the Weiner brothers ‘detective story with the” Popovsky “title is a little less than verbatim retold by Stanislav Govorukhin, who changed the sign Of the “era of mercy” to the one so beloved and familiar to everyone who will be older than the first Playlist or fans of “Twilight” – “the meeting Place can not be changed”. Vladimir Vysotsky-the main role (in the film as the main, and in the career), and this in principle can be stopped, since 70% of the success of the film is the image of Gleb Zheglov.

The plot in “the meeting Place can not be changed” is kept exactly at the level to show the second plan and other stars of Soviet cinema, keep the frame structure and not to bulge out its simplicity. The music in the film is not memorable, something changes only a short reprint of Vertinsky performed by the same Vysotsky, but this is frankly not enough. It could have been otherwise, but the high cinema authorities with a light hand and an empty head imposed a ban on Vysotsky’s songs, such issues were previously solved surprisingly simply.

Gleb Zheglov

Book. To evaluate the original source, you need to answer just one question for yourself: “do you like detectives?”I read them with pleasure in my tender adolescence, then I got tired of them, I got bored with the intellectual insipidity and the refined composition so inherent in the genre. I started reading the Weiners ‘ novel more out of boredom than out of interest in the original of my childhood favorite movie. An ordinary detective. In the film, only a few significant moments did not get into it, in particular, it is annoying that the ending has changed: Varya does not die on the screen, and we get a dull boring happy ending. I think I’m not the only one who turns off “the meeting Place can’t be changed” immediately after Levchenko’s death.

The film adaptation appeared 4 years after the book was published.

Can I replace reading with watching a movie? Yes. The film And, here is the rare case, even more preferable.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s»
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The film Adaptation of the novel of the same name by the American classic of the mid-20th century Truman Capote, and the unique Audrey Hepburn in the title role, the flower that never wilts. Beautiful and charming, and also sings and has an outstanding sense of humor – what is not the hero of our time from the female order? And who else can men dream of but the Holly Golightly that Hepburn showed on the screen? This is already a significant bid for success for any film, and for Hollywood – even more so. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fortunately does not resemble modern American melodramas, in which wrapping the composition in a metaphor, you can see a pretty blonde dummy with a limp outstretched hand. The plot of the film agrees with the book, but does not follow it verbatim. Happy, Happy happy ending, but not as dull and boring as in the above movie or most disney cartoons. And I thought that the changed ending – this is such a rastakaya straight “chip” of Mr. Chkhartishvili in the face of number 2.

Audrey Hepburn

Music in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”:: “moon” and “river”. “Moon river” (moon river) – the title track of the film, which is performed near the middle by Audrey Hepburn on guitar. It turns out almost an American “irony of fate”. I would be truly surprised if I met an adult now without an iPhone or iPad, who would never have heard this wonderful song.

Book. One of the best American works of the mid-20th century, the best novel by Truman Capote. Such things are difficult to screen at the highest level, Blake Edwards managed. The film could have been better if the Director had followed the original source even more. Despite the fact that the main points of the literary original in the film found a place, still much remained behind the scenes. But Capote’s novel is already small in volume.

The film adaptation appeared 3 years after the book was published.

Can I replace reading with watching a movie? No. Only if Breakfast at Tiffany’s isn’t necessary for intellectual conversation with girlfriends over a glass of Mojito. But in this case, you can replace the movie by watching the trailer.

“12 chairs»
Twelve chairs

Production By Leonid Gaidai. What will happen if one of the few really funny and clever literary works is entrusted to a brilliant, already proven Comedy Director? It should be a masterpiece! And it turned out well. The great Combinator of Ilf and Petrov was embodied on the screen by Archil Gomiashvili, who did not Shine in movies either before or after his titular role of Ostap-Suleiman-Bert-Maria Bender-Bey. Of all the benders (who remembered “Futurama”, spit it out) who have ever appeared on the movie screen, Bender Gomiashvili is firmly in my personal list of honorary second place. About the misunderstanding called “Comedy of bygone days”, in which Gomiashvili also appeared in the role of Ostap, we will safely forget and keep silent.

“12 chairs” Gaidai-the film is not just funny and, like more than a dozen works of the master, rasaskannyy on quotes, but also perfectly follows the ideological content of the original. The novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov is primarily a sharp, backhand satire designed for an intellectual level in many ways different from the stool. What did Gaidai do? He also added humor from himself, and did not simplify the Comedy element of the original source. It is a sin to wish for better. The plot of the film does not move away from the original, does not alter and, most importantly, does not complement it.

Ostap Bender

Music in” 12 chairs ” is present somewhere in the background, it does not irritate or please, it just exists. Unfortunately, due to censorship quibbles, the film lost its title track “Striped life”, and the song of Bender at his own wedding, alas, does not save the case. Musical accompaniment is the only aspect in which the film adaptation of Zakharov, released 5 years later, in places exceeds the picture of Gaidai. Yes, even if I am now flying gum and beer bottles, but I was never happy with the film Zakharov and Mironov in the role of Bender. Zakharov is much more theatrical and ostentatious, Gaidai is more cinematic. If I want to go to the theater, I will go to the theater, and let the movie be a movie, especially since “12 chairs” is not a play.

If anyone does not know, Gaidai played the role of Korobeynikov in the film, Gomiashvili does not have his own voice here (Yuri Sarantsev speaks for him, and Valery Zolotukhin sings), and the cut song can be found on YouTube on the request “Striped life”.

Book. Smart humorous prose with an interesting plot and characters, to the level of which in the genre for almost a hundred years, no one can approach. A masterpiece that by all canons and rules should not have appeared in the Soviet state with all its prohibitions and censorship.

The film adaptation was released 44 years after the book was published.

Can I replace reading with watching a movie? Can.

“Romeo and Juliet»
Romeo and Juliet

“Romeo and Juliet” directed by Franco Zeffirelli is one of the best films about love and also an adaptation of the play of the same name by William Shakespeare. It is pointless to talk about what is good here, and even more pointless to talk about what is bad. Because this is a perfect film in its genre, the film adaptation is perfect. After Zeffirelli, other Directors can just not try. “Romeo and Juliet” is already there, everyone is free!

Enjoy and Watch. After all, watching “Romeo and Juliet” is like going back to your 14-15 years, when love is still pure and sincere, when dreams are directed to metaphysics, and not to domestic contentment, when friends are more valuable than a plasma panel in the kitchen, when you can be naive and trusting and look into the future with a smile. Yes, it’s a tragedy, Yes, there are tears on my cheeks, Yes, I feel sad after watching it, but what a pleasant sadness it is! Alive, real, honest.

Olivia Hussey and Franco Zeffirelli Romeo and Juliet Franco Zeffirelli, Leonard whiting and Olivia Hussey
The film adaptation is very close to the original Plot, Zeffirelli allows himself only a little liberties in this regard. The characters in the film are such that you immediately fall in love with them: their beauty, youth (Olivia Hussey was 16 years old at the time of filming, and Leonard Whiting was 17), their tender feelings and fervent confessions.

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