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Learn to read quickly and remember what you read

In our time, the ability to read quickly becomes a necessity. This skill will be useful for schoolchildren, students, people of various professions, and fans of reading books online. This skill will help you save time, which is always not enough. It is important to know not only how to read quickly, but also how to remember the information received. Speed reading consists of several stages. But the main thing for the successful development of this technique is self – esteem and proper motivation. Before you begin to master the technique of rapid reading, you need to know exactly what it is necessary for. It is also important to be sure that everything will work out for you. Why not? Millions of people already use speed reading in practice, save time and remember large amounts of new information, which allows you to become effective specialists, successfully pass sessions, get acquainted with new literature. So how do I learn speed reading?

5 rules how to learn to read books quickly
So, now we are going to learn to read quickly, for this it is important to know five basic rules.

1.Complete concentration
Choose a time and place when nothing and no one can distract you. There should be no extraneous sounds, people, or even thoughts. It is very important to first read the abstract and available reviews of the book you are going to read. This will help you subconsciously evaluate the material and its importance. Why is this necessary? To increase the speed of reading and better memory. In order for reading to be meaningful and enjoyable, two factors are necessary:

inner peace;
full concentration.
Now you know the first rule, how to learn to read quickly.

2.It is not necessary to repeat
Very often, when reading, a person repeats mentally or aloud what they are reading. This process is called – subvariety. With this method, you will definitely spend more time reading. If you have such a habit, then you should leave it in the past. Do not repeat the text, words, or phrases you read. You’ll immediately notice how much faster you read without subvesical. Do not be afraid that without repetition, you will remember worse, believe me, this will not happen. The main thing is to learn how to read books correctly and then you will save time not only on reading, but also the process of memorizing will become much easier. There is a simple method which helps to get rid of subalkali. While reading, beat a simple rhythm with your finger.

3. Evaluating the full picture
An important factor in speed reading is the ability to highlight the main key phrases of the text and focus on them. This is the most important rule – any text must be read in information blocks (separate). There is no need to think over every paragraph or word. Highlight the main thing, the brain will process the selected information and as a result, the main meaning of the read text will be clear. The main thing is to choose the right blocks. Do not go back to what you have already read, do not be afraid that you will misunderstand some point. It is important to hold the thread of the story and move on. This rule will help you both quickly read the book and remember the main thing.

Another factor to quickly master speed reading is bookmarks. You can use anything as bookmarks. They act as a pointer and help you restore what you read in your memory. If you find it easier to focus on the text when you move the bookmark across the page, emphasizing the desired line, then use it boldly. Everything should be aimed at fast reading, the rest will be done by the brain.

5. Training
At the initial stage, training is mandatory – the more often, the better. With each text you read, your new skills will improve, and you will be able to spend much less time reading. Start with simple texts-novels, detective stories. The main thing is to have less accurate information. When you notice that you are spending less time, but still remember the plot, characters, and action, you can move on to reading more complex books. Over time, everything you read will fit in your head consistently and clearly. Now You know the way to read quickly, it’s also a good idea to learn the technique of how to quickly remember what you read.

3 effective ways to remember what you read
If you want to remember some of the books you read for many years, then there is a technique that will help you do this. This method consists of three elements-impressions, associations, and repetitions.

It is much better to remember what you read if emotions are involved. Play some scenes in your mind, imagine how the characters felt, what emotions they experienced. Put yourself in the place of the characters in the work and imagine how you would feel in such a situation. Creating visual images is a good way to remember what you read.

This technique of memorizing text has long been known. Sometimes the old methods are quite effective. The essence of this method is that what you read must be linked to something well – known. This method not only helps you remember what you read better, but also helps you understand the texts better. The new is always clearer if it can be compared to something familiar.

I know everything about this method, but it doesn’t make it any less effective. The more times you read the text, the better you will remember it. Anyone can learn speed reading. The main thing about this method is not even that it takes less time to read. Much more important are the other advantages of this method – understanding what you read, remembering the main thing, highlighting the most important in the text.

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